A downloadable game for Windows and Android

Multi Pong (Singleplayer) rules:

  • You can control the 4 bats with the arrow keys.
  • Every two hits, the speed of the ball(s) will increase.
  • Every 1.000 points, a new ball spawns.
  • If you lose a ball, your score will be subtracted by 1.000.
  • The game ends when there's no ball on the screen.

Local Coop Mode:

  • Controls for Player 1: WASD, Player 2: arrow keys.
  • The points of both players will be the score at the end of a game.

Online Coop Mode:

  • Controls for both, Player 1 and Player 2: arrow keys.
  • There's only one ball available at the moment.
  • You'll need to open port 7160 in your firewall / router to host a game.
  • The online mode is in an early experimental state.

Hint: Multi Pong is just a little fun project. There's no big sense in this game and there'll not follow much updates.

Minimum system requirements

Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista 32 Bit

Processor: 1.80 Ghz (Single-Core)

Ram: 256 Mb

HDD Space: 5 Mb

Screen resolution: 640x480 Pixel

If your antivirus-software gives out a false positive, just add an exception for this application to your software. Please make sure to report every false alarm to your antivirus company.

Install instructions

Law- & Download-Agreement (also informations about refunds)

1. Informations about paid products:

1.1 - According to the german law about refunds on downloaded content, your right of a refund will be revoked since your first use of the downloaded software.

1.2 - If you have paid for the product, please make sure your system-specifications will handle the requirements before you start the software the first time.

Otherwise, you don't have the right of a refund (see 1.1).


2. You have the duty to make sure your system-specifications meets the minimum-requirements from the product page before buying and / or downloading the software.


3. There is no warranty, that the software will run properly on your system. If you have any problem with the software, please contact me so I can add your error to the list of bugs and fix it soon in another update.


4. Online services

4.1 - You agree that data from your gameplay (like entered usernames and highscores) will automatically be send to a server to handle and display the data on a webpage (like online-highscores).

4.2 - There is no warranty, that the online services will run and work anytime or forever.

4.3 - You may NOT choose abusive or violent player names for the online services.

Otherwise, your player name, highscores and other data will be banned from the online services.


You have the rights to:

- Use the software in it provided way.

- Make and publish video-records or screenshots of the content (including the played music and sounds) from this software.

You have NOT the rights to:

- Decompile the software and / or extracting the sourcecode.

- Sell the software. If it was a paid copy and you want to gift it to a friend, please contact me and i will generate a new gifting key after deleting your old one from the registration-system.

- Use the included music, sounds and graphics for anything but using the software itself.


Multi Pong (29.12.2014) (1 MB)
Multi Pong - Android Test (08.09.2016) (9 MB)